Tuesday, January 16, 2007


This morning I just bought a new book On Wings of Storm, written by a well-known Singaporean Psychologist, Anthony Yeo. I've just started to begin my journey to read that book. As an overview, Yeo actually writes this book as a guide to deal with the "tsunami" of life either for the victim or the counsellor. The word "tsunami" refers to all the calamities of life and usually it happens in an unpredictable and uncontrollable way. Just like natural tsunami that happened few years ago.
However, my journey is now on the reading of chapter 1. In that chapter, Yeo explores several cases of "tsunami", such as the crash of SQ 6 in Taipei, the death of Yeo's sister, and so on. By exploring and exposing many cases, it seems that Yeo wants to make the reader realize of one reality that can and will be happen in our lives, the so-called "tsunami" of life. I believe that Yeo is right in exposing this realistic reality.
We often think that being a Christian means that our lives will be happy or at least less suffering. The fundamental question is, then, on what basis does the Christian have such thought? In chapter one, however, Yeo doesn't give us the answer on that question. Yet, once again, he wants to open our eyes that the "tsunami" reality is not out there, it is here, so close with us that many times we never prepare it. However, it just a matter of time; we all will experience that, soon or later. Thus, be prepared!

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