Saturday, January 20, 2007


My reading of On Wings of Storm has come to the third chapter which talks about losing and letting go. Yeo says that life is a process of attachment and letting go, evolving in synchrony until the day life is taken away in death. As an introduction, as well as an ilustration, Yeo contemplates on the process of human birth. In that process, we know that foetus totally depends on the umbilical cord. It's very symbolic of the process of living. Through it, the baby in the womb derives nurture and sustenance for survival. Yet when the baby leaves the womb for the world outside, the umbilical cord must be severed, signifying the ongoing experience of attachment and loss in human existence. In order to survive after leaving the womb, the baby must be detached from the womb and the umbilical cord must be cut off. From this ilustration, he explains that attachment and loss are very natural. There can be a loss if there is no attachment, vice versa. Both are indissolubely united and interconnected. Furthermore, he reminds me that loss becomes more painful when the attachment to somone or something is stronger.

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