Saturday, March 03, 2007


This little boy speaks to Jesus in his nightly prayers...
In the darkness of the night the little boy slips out of bed,
Drops to his knees, shuts his big blue eyes, and bows his head.
Dear Jesus, please don't get mad for it's only me again, You know I love you and you always do what you can.
Each night I talk to you and ask the same things over and over. And I'm sure by now you know I have a new dog named Rover.
My mommy and little sister love Rover, I'm sure they do, And Jesus, "Why don't my Dad come home and love him, too?
He must not love us, Mommy, my sister and surely not me,
But I know if he saw Rover, he would love him too you see.
My friend, Jimmy across the street has a big dog,too.
Sometimes I look out my window and see things they do.
Jimmy and his dog have so much fun, 'specially with his Dad, I'm glad for him but sometimes it really makes me sad.
And Jesus, when my Dad went away it made my mommy cry. I love her so and to be the man of the house I really try,
But it is very hard and the nights are so long and dark,
And you must know how much it helps when I hear Rover bark.
Jesus, does my Dad live with you? Mommy says it is true,
And that he loves me, so would you tell him, "I love him, too.!"
Goodnight Jesus

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