Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Virginia Satir: A Quick Look

"Problem is not the problem, coping is the problem," is one of the powerful words coming from Virginia Satir. In other words, how people coped with the issue created the problem. Isn't that powerful? So, who is Virginia Satir? Honestly, I never met her face to face as I know that she has already passed away. I just known her name since I was studying at seminary. At that time I was learning about family therapy and my lecturer introduced his students with Satir's model. It's not that easy to understand Satir's philosophy as well as her technical steps in doing therapy. Until now, I'm still learning her model of therapy.

Born in 1916 and died in 1988, she is referred to as "The Mother of Family System Therapy" because of her consistency in encouraging many therapist to think systemically in the sense that one must focus on families instead of individual patients. "The family is a microcosm. By knowing how to heal the family, I know how to heal the world," she said. Based on this philosophy, she found the Satir Model in the Middle East, the Orient, Western, and Easter Europe, Central and Latin America, and Russia as professional training groups. (e.g.: Next to this kind of training, she also established The Institute for International Connections, Avanta Network, and the International Human Learning Resources Network as concrete examples of teaching people how to connect with one another and extend the connections. "Peace within, peace between, peace among," is the concise word summarizing her impact in the world.

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